Paul is the former political cartoonist for the Daily Express (1998 - 2015). He was the Cartoon Arts Trust's  Cartoonist of the Year  in 2005. Paul was a strip and gag cartoonist for Punch magazine, The Spectator, Private Eye, The Sunday Times, The Independent, Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.  He's a comic illustrator,  and does  location drawings for publication and broadcast (Channel 4, Sky Television).  He has just completed a book (An Unreliable History of Tattoos) for publication and exhibition in early 2016. Paul is currently finishing his second book on birdwatching.


Political Cartoonist of the Year

Cartoon Arts Trust, 2005


Political Cartoon Society

Gilray Goblet, 2005



Exhibition of artwork from An Unreliable History of Tattoos

at the Chris Beetles Gallery, St James's, London in March 2016


Retrospective exhibition at the Illustration Cupboard, St. James's, London in November 2013


Retrospective exhibition at the Fish Gallery, West Hampstead, 2003

Political Cartoonist

Daily Express

1998 – 2015 (17 years)


Pocket Cartoonist

Independent on Sunday

1990 – 2000 (10 years)


Business Cartoonist

Evening Standard

1988 – 1998 (10 years)


Political Cartoonist

Sunday Telegraph

1995 – 1996 (1 year)